I Bet The Wife of mine in a Poker Game and then Lost!

I am certain you will have heard poker stories this way beforeā€¦

A gambler is a lot into a game but finishes up getting a negative streak. He will lose the cool of his and is actually eager to create a comeback, convinced that the following hand is going to be THE hand to make him. And so there he’s, with no more cash to place on the table. What does he do? He bets something different of value.

Consider probably the latest James Bond flick, that I really labeled a poker film in an article just recently? Keep in mind that poker game between that Greek fellow as well as Agent seven? The other guy bets the automobile of his, sure that he will win. I believe it was an Alfa Romeo, I’m not certain, my memory is actually a little hazy (all I recall is actually Daniel Craig as James Bond). Anyhow, Bond wins the automobile as well as the hand, obviously.

The question is actually, does it really happen in life that is real?

Talk about crazy! In this particular day and age you’d believe that adding up a person as the stake of yours would not be possible! When you consider it, although, the entire thing sounds hilarious, does not it? I imply it irks me that a fellow would bet the wife of his as in case he “owned” her (like a person can in fact wear another individual). On the other hand, the wife giving him and marrying the other fellow – I am sorry but this simply sounds as something out of a soap opera, or perhaps one thing from the Middle Ages!

No wonder people that are not into poker view it in a bad light nearly all of the moment. When they hear or perhaps read news such as that, their eyes most likely pop out in wonder, or perhaps perhaps they shake the head of theirs in dismay. On the other hand, this happened in Russian federation, where norms might be very distinct from that of the US or perhaps any other European nations. It can make me think of Borat, you ViralQQ understand that “Khazakstan journalist.”? It is as something he will do. I am hoping I have not offended anyone with the musings of mine in this post. I just found it truly hilarious.

So guys, the next time you choose to put up the wife of yours as a bet, be sure you win. Or else, you may simply end up in the divorce courts!

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