Tips on Building a high quality Wooden Poker Chip Case

So you’ve decided to buy a poker chip situation to keep all your poker chips. Before you can get going, whether developing the situation yourself, or perhaps buying a customized case from a 3rd party, there are several things to think about that differentiate a high quality poker chip case from only a basic wooden box.


Joinery is really a part of woodworking involving enrolling in together portions of timber, to develop furniture, toys, structures, and additional items. The attributes of cork joints – strength, toughness, flexibility, etc. – gain from the attributes of the joining materials as well as from just how they’re worn in the joints. Therefore, various joinery methods are used to meet varying requirements. When developing a situs judi online chip situation, you’ve to have into account the mass of the chips, that may address fifty lbs for a thousand chip case. The joints be strong, or perhaps the case will break apart under the mass of the potato chips.

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Most pre made cases purchased on the market use a butt joint. A butt joint is a joinery method where 2 people are joined by only butting them together. The butt joint may be the simplest joint to make because it merely involves cutting the users to the correct length and butting them collectively. It’s likewise the weakest because unless some kind of reinforcement is utilized, it is dependent upon glue on it’s own to keep it together. Because the orientation of the participants generally present just stop grain to very long grain gluing surface area, the ensuing joint is inherently vulnerable.

When ordering or building a customized chip case, you need to stay away from butt joints and make use of a something stronger, like a dovetail joint. A dovetail joint is a joint method often utilized in good woodworking joinery. Noted because of its opposition to currently being pulled apart (tensile strength), the dovetail joint is often utilized to join the sides of a drawer on the front. A number of pins cut to lengthen from the conclusion of a single board interlock with a number of tails cut into the conclusion of another board. The tails and pins possess a trapezoidal shape. When glued, a wooden dovetail joint calls for absolutely no hardware fasteners.

Another strong and simple joint will be the mortise as well as tenon joint, that has long been used for a huge number of years by woodworkers across the world to sign up pieces of wood. This’s often used once the parts are at an angle close to 90°. While you can find several variations on the design, the fundamental concept would be that the conclusion of among the members is put into a hole slice in another member. The conclusion of the 1st member is known as the tenon, and it’s normally narrowed with regard to the majority of the piece. The gap in the next member is known as the mortise. The joint might be glued, pinned, or perhaps wedged to secure it in place.


Hardware for a poker chip situation should be also durable. A number of hinges and hardware are offered, however, you must stay away from a stamped hinge, and that is probably the weakest hinge type. When ordering or perhaps building a custom case, there are a number of hinges you might request.

A total length piano hinge is an extended narrow hinge which runs the total length of the 2 surfaces to which its foliage are joined. This imparts extra strength on the hinge when a huge solid wood lid is utilized.

Concealed Hinges are utilized for home furniture doors (with or perhaps with no self closing feature, and with or perhaps without dampening systems). They’re made of two parts: One component is the hinge glass as well as the arm; another part will be the mounting plate. They’re also known as Euro/cup hinges, and also give a cleaner look on the situation.


Something to think about when selecting a finish for your cork chip case, is to be certain to use Polyurethane or perhaps a non soluble varnish that doesn’t stain or perhaps seep into the chips of yours. Make sure you stay away from any kind of Oil finish for example Danish oil or Tung, as these oils are able to penetrate into clay chips as time passes.


The vast majority of poker potato chips are 39mm in dimension, nonetheless, huge denomination chips, in addition to chips depending on the Paulson Inverted Cane and Hat mildew, are 43mm measurement. Be sure that the chip trays are properly sized for the kind of chips you’ve. If ordering a customized chip case, make sure to specify the dimensions of the chips of yours.

So when designing or building a custom cork poker chip case to keep the chips of yours, remember to think about the kind of joints, hinges, and surface utilized in the design individuals case.

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